Construction year: 1924
Address: Fischertwiete2 | HAMBURG | Germany | Visit Website
Latitude/Longitude: 53.5483, 10.0016

Chilehaus is a ten-storey office building in the classic brick expressionist style of the 1920s. The massive structure, which has a 5,950 square metre footprint and offers 36,000 square metres of space, spans Fischertwiete street, with a prominent tip extending from a sharp angle in the façade – the most acute of its type in Europe – to create the effect of an imposing ship’s prow.

The distinctive curve of Chilehaus lends the building a light, graceful air that belies its size, while the bricks of the carefully crafted clinker façade create shimmering light patterns depending on the weather conditions. Chilehaus is illuminated at night, making it a particularly majestic sight.

The building has become an increasingly popular tourist attraction. The charming details of the interior design are also well worth seeing, particularly the listed linoleum floor, the mahogany frame and panel doors on the staircases with hand-worked brass handles, and the exquisite ornamentation. Your business partners and customers are sure to appreciate the building’s special ambience as much as you do.

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