Cidade Nova Metro Station and Footbridge

Cidade Nova Metro Station and Footbridge, Rio de Janeiro - Brazil, JBMC Architecture
Construction year: 2009
Address: Av. Pres. Vargas, 2700 - Cidade Nova, Rio de Janeiro - RJ, 20210-031 | RIO DE JANEIRO | Brazil
Latitude/Longitude: -22.9097093, -43.2062546

Cidade Nova Metro Station and Footbridge are located on Presidente Vargas Avenue, Gamboa, downtown Rio de Janeiro. Already under construction in a stretch of elevated tracks, Cidade Nova will enable the integration between the two existing lines, playing a key role in the 2014 FIFA World Cup.

Gamboa is a century-old district decaying in spite of its rich infrastructure. Presidente Vargas Av., one of the city’s widest and busiest avenues, imposes a physical barrier to its revitalization, revealing the need for a connection between both sides.

In an attempt to connect Gamboa with the major corporate buildings on the opposite side, a 207 meter-long covered footbridge was designed allowing both pedestrian crossing and bus-metro integration. Supported by only three long-span steel arches with entwined bases, two of which are 90 meter-long and one, 40 meter-long. Being close to world-famous Sambódromo, the 6 meter-tall soffit will allow float passage. Adequate lighting will guarantee the noble-metal tones of the structure to be enhanced at night.

The choice of the constructive methods and materials took local constraints into account. Aiming to disrupt traffic minimally, the steel structure enables part of the assembly to be produced elsewhere shortening the work at the construction site.

In the station itself, a row of arches support the mezzanine, allowing a pillar-free platform. The connection between the station and the footbridge takes place in the mezzanine, which, in the future, may also be connected with a nearby coach terminal.

Open to the external environment, differing from others, this station will make use of natural ventilation. Allied with leveled-up practices for insulation, lighting, solar water-heating and rainwater garden irrigation, the Cidade Nova station will save a considerable amount of natural resources.

JBMC Architecture was chosen by Metro Rio, metro system concessionaire, due to their large experience in metro station design. Sustainability criteria were agreed upon by the client and JBMC.

Architects: JBMC (João Batista Martinez Corrêa, Beatriz Pimenta Corrêa, Emiliano Homrich, Cecília de Souza Pires, Gabriela Assis Guerra Costa)
Structural Enginner: Noronha Engenharia
Structural Consultant: Paulo Ricardo de Barros Mendes
Collaborators: Estúdio MAAC, Estúdio Maya, RC arquitetos, Plantae Paisagismo, Tria Design

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