Civic Offices

Civic Offices, Bologna - Italy, Mario Cucinella Architects
Construction year: 2008
Address: Piazza Liber Paradisus, 10 | BOLOGNA | Italy
Latitude/Longitude: 44.5097655, 11.3405352

Bologna City Council commissioned a new 33,000 m2 office building to house their Municipal head offices. They needed to bring together 1,000 employees currently scattered in 21 locations throughout the city.

The new building is situated behind the central train station in the Bolognina district on the site of the former fruit and vegetable wholesale market. The project seeks to upgrade the area and re-connect it to the city centre.

The design concept is to break a single mass into three distinct blocks destined for different activities. The three blocks of different heights are unified by a folding shading roof, a four-storey atrium entrance and a new sloping public space.

The shading roof serves the dual purpose of providing solar protection and lending architectural cohesion to the complex. This large single cover is the defining element of the design. It is folded like a giant “origami” that rests gently on the various buildings above a panoramic terrace.

The programme includes space for shops, offices, services and sports facilities.

Client: Comune di Bologna
Consultants: Open Project, PCMR Milano, Larry Smith Italia, Polistudio, Studio Majowiecki
Area: 40.000 m2
Budget: 68.000.000 €

Contributed by Mario Cucinella Architects

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