CJ Nine Bridges “The Forum”

CJ Nine Bridges The Forum, DLIM Architects, Korea
Construction year: 2013
Address: Gwangpyeong-ri, Andeok-myeon, Seogwipo | SEOGWIPO | South Korea
Latitude/Longitude: 33.342809, 126.405139

South Korean studio D·LIM Architects has completed a multipurpose facility for CJ, one of the country largest companies. Located at the center’s golf club on Jeju island, the subterranean project avoids disrupting views of the surrounding forest and natural landscape. More than half of the volume is dug beneath the ground level, with a large hole subtracted from the roof to filter light through to the spaces below. The circular void is in the shape of the CJ’s official logo, which represents notions of joy – the meeting rooms and workspaces are positioned around this core element to absorb natural daylight and uplifting energy from the sky above.

The underground spaces consist of meeting rooms and a multipurpose hall, which can be used as a sports facility to accommodate tennis and basketball matches. The sloping roof garden is accessible from the ground, merging seamlessly with the parking to enable one to walk directly on top of it. The shape of the structure also functions as an amphitheater, as more than 300 people can sit on the integrated stone chairs and grass surface for outdoor performances.

Architect: Yeonghwan Lim+Sunhyun Kim
Design Team: Ji-sun Park, Jung-ho Choi, Jeong-tae Kim, Byung-cheol Seo, Jae-sik Jung
Programme: Conference hall
Site area: 6,678m2
Building area: 994.72m2
Gross floor area: 3,536.92m2
Building scope: B2/1f
Parking: 15
Height: 8M
Building to land ration: 14.95%
Floor area ratio: 12.18%
Structure: RC
Exterior finishing: Volcanic stone, Artificial stone, Stucco, T20 Wood panel
Interior finishing: Volcanic stone, T20 Wood panel, Painting on plasterboard
Structural engineering: Seoul Structural Engineering
Construction: CJ E&C
Mechanical engineering: Hitec
Electrical engineering: Hitec
Civil engineering: Saegil E&C
Client: CJ Nine Bridges

Contributed by D·LIM Architects

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