Club House in Cerro Colorado Beach

Club House in Cerro Colorado beach, Peru, Lima, Javier Artadi
Construction year: 2006
Address: Panamericana Sur | LIMA | Peru
Latitude/Longitude: -12.99947, -76.49182

Club House in Cerro Colorado consists of a small piece of architecture, a Club House located in the center of a condominium in a deserted beach, eighty miles south of Lima.

The condominium has been developed on a large flat surface of sand naturally divided in two by a small reddish rocky hill which gives the name to the site.

This condition created a unique geographical space, an area of wilderness within the complex on which the pavilion was situated.

The pavilion consists of the meeting place of the inhabitants and guests and has basic beach services: terrace, swimming pool and changing rooms, a small bar for drinks and a barbecue area.

The solution seeks to strike balance between pure and simple geometry and the wonderful natural landscape of the site: at times, the architecture is the centerpiece and nature, the background, at other times, nature is the main element and architecture the framework to appreciate it.

This dialogue reveals the characteristic landscape of the coast of Peru to the user: a beautiful desert opening into the Pacific Ocean.

Project Assistant: Oscar Luyo
Engineer(s): 4wr Asociados (Structural), (Electrical), (Plumbing)

Contributed by Artadi Arquitectos

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