Cœur Défense

Cœur Défense, Paris - France, Jean Paul Viguier Architecture
Construction year: 2001
Address: 110 Esplanade du Général de Gaulle | PARIS | France | Visit Website
Latitude/Longitude: 48.89096, 2.24401

This office building, the largest corporate project built in Europe in recent times – 350,000 sq m of usable floor space – is situated in the heart of La Défense, along the historic east-west axis of Paris which runs from the Louvre to the Grand Arch.

It is composed of two twin 180m towers linked by an element called the “inter-tower”, and three lower eight-storey buildings, all linked by a large atrium rising to 44m and with a footprint of over one hectare.

The typology chosen is designed to avoid the previously dominant wide-tower model, preferring thin streamlined volumes that create workspaces that are always near the facades and so benefit from natural daylight.

The atrium, a complex space sitting on a three-storey base, the highest of which connects to the Charles de Gaulle esplanade, provides access to all the buildings, the restaurants, various services and the 10,000 capacity conference centre. Plant rooms, archives, delivery bays, kitchens, taxi stands and five levels of parking space (3,000 spaces) are located beneath this atrium.

The project creates an impression of lightness and modernity, with smooth white facades, in the style of the Grand Arch, thanks to an effort to “tighten the skin” realised by using clear curved glass at the round edges of the facades. The project meets the latest HEQ (High Environment Quality) standards.

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