Coffee Shop

Coffee Shop, Lisbon - Portugal, Ateliermob
Construction year: 2009
Address: R. Mirandas 7, 2685-103 Sacavém | LISBON | Portugal
Latitude/Longitude: 38.791112, -9.108510

This intervention is a part of a general plan of requalification of Avenida do Estado sa India, in Sacavem. The three considered buildings had this common feature of ending spaces that are degraded at present between housing buildings. After a first visit, we tried to understand the global dynamics of the referred plan and we were aware of the necessity of conceiving three elements of a common character, but with different functions. Since then, it seemed to us that these three small interventions – resulting of the resolution of the area’s objective problems – should simplify themselves inside the complexity of the context.

Therefore, we designed three “silent architecture” buildings under a motto that seemed thrilling – ‘Nothing new under the sun”. in these three cases, the roofing (so called “fifth façade”) is a determinant element, particularly in how it helps to manage both with measurement differences – and as a visual extension of the street at north (Café and Tobacconist’s) – and with the Shading Surface, which is the project itself. Thus, after a few volumetric studies, we have chosen a three-sided roofing structure that offers the interior spaces an enormous dramatic potential. In addition, with the invention of strengthening the tension of the ceiling plans, a space started to be formed around a background that could, in a way, in the case of the Café and Tobacconist’s, give each one of the buildings some singularity, product of its scenical character.

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