Students’ House Sant Jordi

Colegio Mayor Sant Jordi, Barcelona-Spain, Mateo Arquitectura
Construction year: 2006
Address: Paseig, Passatge de Ricard Zamora, 4, 8 | BARCELONA | Spain
Latitude/Longitude: 41.3926942, 2.134056

The new building is the final piece in a unitary residential urban development. It consists of a tall volume, the continuation of the existing residential blocks, and a shorter volume, which is translucent, light and colourful and which stands in the middle of an empty area, thereby subtly dividing the public space.
The tall building is a continuous ribbon that folds in such a way that the roof is built on one of its many pleats. The chromatic development of the building, which helps to give it the open, vital character typical of a university centre, is the work of the artist Sílvia Hornig.

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