College Sports Hall

College Sports Hall, Villetaneuse - France, archi5
Construction year: 2011
Address: 99 Avenue Jean Baptiste Clément, Université Paris 13, Villetaneuse | PARIS | France | Visit Website
Latitude/Longitude: 48.9584582, 2.3418904

This project is the first element of the urban visual identity of the campus’s east side. It’s mixed use by students and city’s sports associations symbolizes new relationship between Villetaneuse and Paris XIII college. The base of the project was an existing and aging sports hall. The program required a refurbishment and an extension of this building. We added a new and bigger hall, a martial sports dojo, a climbing wall tower and a new multipurpose hall.

The reconstruction with bunk volumes allows different elements of    the program, existing or new to integrate into a coherent overall composition. It also gives a new and modern image of this building. From a close point of view, rhythm is given to the frontage by transparency and reflections on the stainless steel. This material is perforated face up the windows to let natural light to penetrate into the building. The using of this steel allows us to answer to the program requirements: simplicity of implementation, improvement of the visual and thermic comfort, safety of the building, sustainability.

If you look at the project from more distant view, the emerging boxes with poplar clad balance the building and give it subtle color variation. The entrance hall is luminous and spacious, providing a nice place for meetings between teachers and students. Each area in the sports hall is dedicated to the user’s comfort, creating a good atmosphere in the interiors spaces.

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