Complexe Hôtelier Quemado

Complexe Hôtelier Quemado, El Hoceima, Morocco, Patrick Genard y Asociados
Construction year: 2014
Address: Place Mohamed VI | AL HOCEIMA | Morocco
Latitude/Longitude: 35.244184, -3.927200

The Quemado project in the bay of AL Hoceima is a response to an exceptional site situated along the Rif region of Morocco and the southern Mediterranean coast. The project aims at recuperating the beauty of the site, enhancing it, integrating itself into the landscape and proposing a sustainable architecture.

The project enhances the landscape by working on two aspects: what is wanted from the landscape: the framing of views and what is seen: horizontal terraces spilling at the sea edge, public esplanades opening to the horizon and varying typologies, (hotel, residences, and villas) treated like a whole through a contemporary rereading of the Rif architecture.

Integrating itself into the landscape in positioning the project within the footprint of the existing constructions which have modified the site, the project rejects the Euclidian geometry that ignored the site and uses an architecture of fractal geometries which embrace the terrain, respect the topographical accidents, addresses the site with pentes douces, terraces and concave or convexes volumes depending on the topography.

The resort assimilates into the landscape also integrating itself culturally with its surroundings, in recreating the essence of the town of Al Hoceima in the bay, a white town along the escarpment: a simple and somber architecture of the Rif that rises from its rocky base.

And finally the project integrates itself within the landscape in reconciling at an urban level the city with the sea, by way of proposing a pedestrian walkway of pentes douces, lively public esplanades at the heart of the bay, animated by small boutiques and restaurants at once integrated within a global whole, conscious of the perspectives opened up over the landscape.

The creation of a pathway between the town and the lower public square offers a pedestrian access from the town to the Bungalow area without having to descend, and above all permits a secondary pedestrian access to the beach: a pleasant promenade, with a magnificent view, punctuated with shaded thematic placettes and alcoves hidden among the existing stone retaining walls.

The built area of the old pool has been used to propose a parking area over 2 levels and respond to the problem of parking near the beach. The project also addresses the responsibility of creating a sustainable and eco-conscious architecture: the materials used in the project are local, avoiding contaminating transport and favoring the local workforce.

The project also pretends to not only respect the exceptional environment within which it is found but also to enhance it, rendering it richer after the intervention.

Owner/ Developer: Compagne Générale Immobilière CGI
Project Phases: Schematic Design, April 2010; Design Development, December 2010; Construction Documents October 2011, Construction completion, April 2014.
Constructed Surface Area: 20.200m2

Contributed by Patrick Genard y Asociados

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