Corporative Montes Urales

Construction year: 1999
Address: Montes Urales No. 750 | MEXICO CITY | Mexico
Latitude/Longitude: 19.4248, -99.2041

Corporative Montes Urales is presented like challenge to the traditional corporate image, due to the combination of materials little used in buildings of this type. While the glass gives him the typically elegant image of a building of offices, the partition you intersect with him in the lateral facades, giving him a coloring and a different sensation.

This way a profitable space is looked for with a sober, but contemporary facade, made in materials that require very little maintenance.

In occasions, the architect’s creativity arises like a spark, in an instant, and the results of that inspiration are astonishing.

Such it is the case of the corporate one in the corner that conform the streets of Montes Urales and Teapa, in the Lomas de Chapultepec, where it is sought to erect a building in extremely attractive ways, but that it fulfills to the maximum their made main: to take advantage in plants free revenue-yielding spaces for the use of offices.

The current concept of the glass box is modified in this project by two very important aspects: the first one constitutes it a little the geometry of the land irregular and that forces, therefore, to the search of a volume that covers it in its entirety.

The second aspect, more related with the design, it is the stone volume which intersects with the glass enclosure, creating an original combination that delights the view, because the balance is achieved by means of the use of different materials.

Contributed by Pascal Arquitectos

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