Coworking Papagayo

Construction year: 2015
Address: Rúa Hospital, 19 | A CORUÑA | Spain
Latitude/Longitude: 43.37329, -8.39915

The refurbishment of a municipal premises, with the objective of creating a coworking. The project idea is to design a versatile, innovative and technological space, which will be meeting point of new entrepreneurs, businessmen and professionals.

This approach creates the need of an open and versatile space, which allows the free organization of the work area, makes able to distribute different zones depending on the needs of each one.
Different kind of spaces arises from this need:

-IDEA: Space dedicated to new entrepreneurs who have an idea and want to analyse its viability, and design a business plan. Here they can take counselling, training and knowledge of studies of market developments.
-UNDERTAKE: Entrepreneurs who want to create their own company and need advice about the necessary procedures, knowledge about sources of funding and strategy to place their project in the ideal position in a short time.
-GROW UP: Businessmen who already have their company in operation with the objective of consolidate their project, incorporating innovation to increase their business through the growth in sales and internationalization. Or recently created innovators, who look for accelerate their processes.

-CLOUD: Space focused on the virtual coworking, adding value to those who use the “cloud of knowledge”. Entrepreneurs will be able to access from any device at any moment. This service will have a great value for the external entrepreneurs net, with which the center will have continuous connections. This space is equipped with the newest technology developed under the concept of “Knowledge Cloud”.
-LINK: Permanent space of networking, to upgrade the entrepreneurship and technology in companies.
-BRAIN: Central space that remains a brain, connecting all the areas.
-I-BOX: Storage space for users of the centre.

The areas of IDEA, UNDERTAKE and GROW UP include the proportional part of compartmentalized and isolated spaces, for the community use. Every area includes its proportional part of circulation spaces.

All workspaces are in the same zone and, if it is necessary, it is possible to exchange areas among them. Anyway, uses have been organized understanding that the entrepreneur, once hi has started working in the coworking, makes an itinerary through it, during the development of his project, from the interior part of the centre to the most public and exterior one. Actually, the project starts in IDEA, goes through UNDERTAKE, continues in GROW UP and opens to LINK. Always taking advantage of the resources of CLOUD, sharing community isolated spaces, and depending on BRAN and I-BOX to work.

Contributed by Díaz y Díaz Arquitectos

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