CYTS Plaza

CYTS Plaza, Beijing - China, Von Gerkan, Marg und Partner (GMP)
Construction year: 2006
Address: No.5, Dongzhimen South Avenue, Dongcheng District | BEIJING | China
Latitude/Longitude: 39.937802, 116.432700

The “philosophy” of CYTS is based on the following keywords:

Simplicity, Transparency, Innovation, Uniqueness, Efficiency. All these items should be considered and implemented in the architectural design in order to create a maximum unity of the company’s profile and the headquarter building.

Furthermore the conditions of the site have to be taken into consideration. The 2nd Ring Road of the City of Beijing marks the transition of the old imperial city to the future metropolis. This very particular location within the city should be implemented in the design in terms of creating a link between ancient and modern city. The dialogue of history and future becomes especially apparent on site.

For this reason the main architectural intention of the project is to create a visible relation of the eastern and western part by a building high passageway. This exciting architectural space is generated by two building high glass halls inscribed in a rectangular building layout. Due to the orientation and location of these volumes two L-shaped building wings are created which contain all the functions of the program.

The clear structural order of this scheme is directly related to the “CYTS–philosophy”: clear and transparent, but innovative and efficient at the same time.

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