De Prinsendam

Construction year: 2010
Address: Spadinalaan 65-56 | AMSTERDAM | Netherlands
Latitude/Longitude: 52.3870722, 4.8990601

This is a major development of apartments for sale commissioned by ING Real Estate, which has been master-planned by urban designer Ton Schaap and Geurst & Schulze Architecten bv. The scheme, approximately 10700 sq. m gross external area features 80 flats through 8 floors. It occupies the Northern end of the site and forms a courtyard with a scheme by Alvaro Siza. The building is within close proximity to schemes by Jo Coenen, Mecanoo Architekten and Geurst & Schulze Architekten bv.

The building façade is rendered in Roach Bed Portland stone, which contains large fossils and stones, giving a dynamic appearance when viewed at a close range. The façade fenestration is uniform in size. The objective is to produce a calm façade on to which rhythms are produced from the alternation of square windows and rectangular French doors. Inspiration for this came from houses of the Dutch Golden Age, where an even distribution of tall windows in white plaster walls provided a particular illumination to the interiors.

A major feature of the exterior of the building is the design of the balconies, which comprise a glass balustrade and glass block floor. These elements provide opportunity for the public life of the inhabitants to be visible on the surface of what would otherwise be a sober building.

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