Deichtor Office Building

Deichtor Office Building, Hamburg - Germany, BRT Architekten
Construction year: 2002
Address: Oberbaumbrücke 1 | HAMBURG | Germany
Latitude/Longitude: 53.5471, 10.0043

At Hamburg’s Deichtor a new city landmark has been built, directly at the southern entrance to the city centre. The ten-storey office building Deichtor mediates between the business district, the Speicherstadt and the future Hafencity, as a hinge, connecting the dynamic of the streets and the railroad with the expanse and the calm of the water. Central to the building are alternatively mirrored z-shaped office floors, which generate three-to-four storey voids. Four winter gardens and two four-storey lobbies generate lively, green ‘windows’, which are not only perceived as attractive eye-catchers by night and day, but which also create a comfortable atmosphere within, for the users of the building. For acoustic and climatic reasons, the building is contained within a glass skin. The offices are located at the outer double facade, or to the winter gardens. This enables a considerable degree of natural ventilation within the offices: a reason why the heating and ventilation costs within the Deichtor office building are less than those of conventional buildings.

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