Dimence Eerdelaan

Dimence Eerdelaan, Zwolle - Netherlands, RAU
Construction year: 2009
Address: Eerdelaan 43-45 | ZWOLLE | Netherlands
Latitude/Longitude: 52.534, 6.04856

The building has a large central garden, which functions as the heart of the building and a meeting place for residents, visitors and personnel. Adjoining the central garden, there is a staff canteen/meeting room where staff members can meet each other before going to their own ward. The sitting rooms and multifunctional spaces are located at the vertical and horizontal junctions, creating ideal spots for people to meet each other. The building, intended to provide long-term care and psychiatric services for seniors, has 92 individual bedrooms. This rather large number is divided into smaller groups of 8 to 9 bedrooms, each with its own sitting room and service facilities.

Within the building façade, each bedroom has its own individual and recognisable design, making it easier for residents to identify their own individual residence.

The structural design includes a load-bearing façade with a minimum number of columns at the floor level. In combination with the use of metal stud walls, this makes it possible to modify the layout of the inner space if functionalities change.

The building is one of a group of 5 buildings situated around a common square, all of which provide some form or other of care. Wherever possible, the buildings share each other’s facilities. The open layout of the buildings and the ample space provided for the overall design ensure that the green public park in the area merges seamlessly with and into the square with its 5 buildings.

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