Epicure, Kavala - Greece, Urban Soul Project
Construction year: 2018
Address: Erithrou Stavrou 8 | KAVALA | Greece | Visit Website
Latitude/Longitude: 40.9363666, 24.4106722

The term of “epicuric” has been connected through the centuries with pleasure and good food and drink. The design concept of the bar restaurant was based on the imagination / aesthetic performance of pleasure, the one that stimulates the senses.

The bar-restaurant is situated in one of the most central locations of the city, on the waterfront of Kavala. Epicure is a modern mix of the rich, classic Viennese style with colorful pop and modern elements. The characteristic arches in the window frames and the constructions in the interior are inspired by the city’s landmark, its Roman aquaduct.

The floor plan of this enlongated store is focused on the separation of functions and the intensity of its perspective through the arrangement of the furniture and lighting fixtures.

In the bar-restaurant, the luxurious materials such as the walnut wood veneer, the cypress green and a red wine velvet, the golden shades on the metal structures, the local marble and the wallpapers with floral motifs provide the necessary tension in an environment designed acts as a modern place of gathering and enjoyment. The palette of materials is completed with pink-colored lavaplaster on the walls, the carbon-colored metal constructions and the rattan, used in details of the furniture. The ceiling is decorated with plaster frames with plant motifs while the floor is covered with custom-made white background terrazzo.

On the ground floor of the bar-restaurant lays a large bar and an open kitchen in direct contact with the public. Of the four parts of the store, one is the open kitchen, the secondary and the third part are the bar and the sitting area respectively, and the fourth is the staircase. On the mezzanine, there is also a sitting area with a view to the sea and the auxiliary areas.

When the arched window frames are open, the barrier between the interior and the exterior space vanishes. The outdoor area has a direct view to the sea and centerpiece is formed with an olive tree around which sofas and table-chairs are arranged.

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