Ermou and Monastiraki Commercial Building

Address: Ermou + Monastiraki square | ATHENS | Greece
Latitude/Longitude: 37.9766, 23.7256

There was a big challenge for the reformation of the existing building in Ermoy and Monastiraki square that was burned by a fire in the incidents of December 2008. During the demolition, only the structural skeleton of the building was maintained that constituted afterward also the basic element in the synthesis of the elevations. A modern intervention in the region it was particularly difficult to be achieved because of the historical monuments that surround the building.The reformation of the facades of this building based upon two basic criteria first its incorporation in the historical centre and second its multidimensional use.

Essential consideration was to enforce the commercial presence of the building in combination with its discreet presence next to the surrounding monuments of the wider region.The building is read in two levels. In the level of gallery that maintains the commercial contact on the street level and on the higher level of building that can maintain a controlled contact through the horizontal louvers.The multidimensional use of building including offices, space of public aggregation, shop, commercial centre and etc. played a decisive role in the morphology of the facades. The absolute transparency on the street level comes in opposition with the introversion that maintains the building on higher level behind the horizontal louvers that function also as basic element of sun protection. The louvers in projection tend to close the gap of the building in the corner.The expression of rhythm that is followed in vertical and horizontal elements of the building gives a modern approach of rythm that follow the elements in the historical monuments.

Contributed by Anastasis Sotovikis+B

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