Expansion Of Nijvel’s Municipal Crèche

Expansion Of Nijvel’s Municipal Crèche, Nivelles, Belgium, BURO II & ARCHI+I
Construction year: 2013
Address: Boulevard de la Dodaine 1 | NIVELLES | Belgium
Latitude/Longitude: 50.593042, 4.321843

This project consists of expanding the ‘Children of the World’ crèche at Nijvel. The building is located in a park setting of rural significance, the Dodaine park. Two wings with 18 places (sized for an increase to 25 children) will be added to the crèche plus various administrative rooms for staff and services.

Besides these restrictions imposed by the site, this project presented the challenge of designing an energy-efficient building. Close cooperation and communication between the architect, sustainability consultant, and municipal officials resulted in a decision to design the project according to a passive standard. The existing buildings are going to be renovated in the same spirit to make them energy-efficient.

The architecture is completely in keeping with the building’s function (the playful world of children). It was logical to use wood for the structure and for the facades because of its warm look and feel and its technical properties.

Along the ‘Wereldlaan’ the world of a child is immediately apparent through the size and positioning of the facade openings and the different colours in the interior of the building. The south facade is very open and leads on to a large patio with a view of the park so as to benefit optimally from the improved sunning. The northeast and northwest facades are more closed in order to limit heat losses. The interaction of the roof slopes creates possibilities for natural ventilation and cooling.

Team: Christian Troosters [project director], Nadia Herrandou [design architect], Jacques De Dixmude [project architect]
Land Use of The Building: 880 m²
Gross Floor Area: 880 m²

Contributed by BURO II & ARCHI+I

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