Exploration Place

Exploration Place, Wichita-Kansas - United States, Safdie Architects
Construction year: 2000
Address: 300 N McLean Blvd | WICHITA-KANSAS | United States | Visit Website
Latitude/Longitude: 37.689550, -97.347080

Exploration Place is located near downtown Wichita at the confluence of the Arkansas River and its tributary, the Little Arkansas. The building’s geometries are generated by the intersection of the undulating walls and the surfaces of two gants toroids. The ‘island’ exhibition building is generated by a toroid whose center is high in the air, forming a series of cncave roofs facing skyward, like the giant receptor dishes of observatories. The entire complex is drammatically lit at night, appearing on the city’s skyline as floating, twisted plane reflected in the river.

Text © Safdie Architects

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