Faculty of Medicine UGR University

Faculty of Medicine UGR University, Granada - Spain, Cruz y Ortiz
Construction year: 2015
Address: Avda. de la Ilustración 12. 18016 | GRANADA | Spain | Visit Website
Latitude/Longitude: 37.14813, -3.60524

Complying with the organization that is contemplated in the planning of the Campus, the teaching tasks of the Faculty of Medicine will be carried out on two floors, which minimizes vertical movement.

The research areas and departments will occupy the highest section of the building, the towers, whose presence will be felt from the traffic ways that surround the sector. The Faculty of Medicine that is presented here must be definitive evidence of the possibilities that the proposed general organization offers.

In this way, from an orthogonal external perimeter, the longitudinal buildings interconnect with each other and, in the areas where there is movement, they become distorted until they end up reaching the greatest formal singularity in the towers for the departments, which will be ultimately responsible for the final image of each centre.

Contributed by Cruz y Ortiz

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