FIH Domicile

FIH Domicile, Copenhagen, Denmark, 3XN Architects
Address: Langelinie Allé 43 | COPENHAGEN | Denmark
Latitude/Longitude: 55.699, 12.6

FIH, Finance for Danish Industry, domicile has a unique and central location at the point of Langelinie Quay, with a panoramic view of Oresund and with the city centre of Copenhagen within walking distance. The facades give the building an ever-changing appearance. It is composed of reddish brick tiles alternating with equally tall window openings – equal in numbers. A matching number of alu shutters move in front of the windows and blinds open or close, depending on the amount of sunlight – or the decision of the individual behind the window.

The building is a light, transparent and contemporary construction. It may be conceived as a transparent “crystal” with large, open cuts that are used as sources of natural light and green garden spaces. All offices are oriented towards the view and the daylight, as they have either a window in the facade or onto one of the garden spaces.

The office floors consist of a varied mixture of large open-plan offices and single-occupancy office units forming clusters around tall, open staircases that are lit by cascades of light from above. A piece of light art by artist Steven Scott features a slow changing of the colours in panes of light by the elevator towers, the rhythm of the changes following a preprogrammed scheme, only interrupted by the movements of the elevators.

The FIH Domicile received the Municipality of Copenhagen Architectural Award 2002 and was nominated for the Mies van der Rohe Award 2003.

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