Fobe House

Fobe House, Marrakech - Morroco, Guilhem Eustache
Construction year: 2007
Address: village of Tassoultante / Amizmiz road - 9.2 km from Marrakech | MARRAKECH | Morocco
Latitude/Longitude: 31.546708, -7.993306

For Fobe House my desire was to establish a close dialogue with the land, vegetation and the atlas to the horizon. Being a small house of 170 sqm on a plot of 2.5 hectares, we had to create a dynamic equilibrium despite this difference of scale. We played with light and shadow to enhance and strengthen the volumes.

The main difficulty was to define the program with the client. Originally we had planned to build three houses on this site. The project gradually decreased to finally the smallest of these three houses in order to preserve the field. The client informed me he bought a second larger plot (5 hectares) under the same conditions but closer to the Atlas in order to implement the other two houses.

Extensive analysis of the site is always essential.
Its orientation from the sun, its size, its shape, access, its best points of view (toward the horizon or neighbour)  and the presence or not of nuisance influences necessarily the architectural choices.

The Land is Located about ten kilometers south of Marrakech. flat, mostly downed under a veil That hides heat horizon. It Is only from December to March the snowy atlas that appearance.

An extensive observation of the site suggested we reduce built-up areas in order to preserve its wild.

the cutting of the program stems from the terrain topology: The main building was positioned in the center, the keeper’s house and garage on the edge closest to the Marrakesh access road.

The orientations of each part of the house are made according to several criteria directly induced by the site: best views on the Atlas, best orientations  to protect from the sun or the wind

The site nuisances have also influence on architecture;
Two parallel concrete sails create a noise and visual barrier to the west.

There is a narrow link that exists between architecture and cinema, I have to remind you that the client is a Belgian film producer and director. The perception of architecture is mainly achieved through movement. The eye in movement, when the perspective opens, reveals little by little the various elements which constitute the house. In the distance, a white square – when getting closer – becomes a cube, a white wall a tube, then we discover openings… But another white rectangle is finally only a simple wall, a small triangle a pyramid.

It is quite exciting to captivate the visitor, to suggest him (her) a vertiginous rise of steps, a plunging view into space or a panoramic view on the horizon. It is a real scenario which must be worked out with dynamic sequences, such as travelings, then rotations, fixed framings which can finally transform into a zoom towards the infinite during a slow frontal movement.

Project area:
Private residence: 171,96 sqm (m²)
Guard house: 20,20 sqm  (m²)
Garage: 35,08 sqm  (m²)
Pool house: 13,12 sqm  (m²)
Total: 240,36m² on 2,5 ha (hectares)
Plantations: 23 olive trees, 10 palm, 450 eucalyptus, 200 mimosa and 20 fruit trees
Commisioner: Dimitri de Clercq,  Belgian film producer and director
Moroccan correspondent: Hicham BELHOUARI, architect / Marrakech / Morocco

Contributed by Guilhem Eustache

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