Fórum Brandoa Civic Center

Fórum Brandoa Civic Center, Amadora, Portugal, OPERA Design Matters
Construction year: 2005
Address: Estrada Brandoa 25 | AMADORA | Portugal
Latitude/Longitude: 38.765014, -9.213898

Fórum Brandoa Civic Center results from the development of the winning competition proposal for the construction of a multipurpose building designated generally as Civic Centre. This building will be included in the Landscape and Complementary Area, being full part of the ”Luís Vaz de Camões” Garden. Together, they are intended to extend the urban limit in Brandoa.

Starting with a simple schedule, principles of resistance and economy were selected, demonstrated both by the quality of materials and the honesty of solutions. The rigour with which it is intended to execute the works shall be achieved through the control of the construction method and by industrialisation logic.

On the upper floor are distributed the association areas, the Intercultural School of Professions and Sports and the Day Center and the Multipropose Pavilion. The three lower floors are intended for public parking, which correspond to two-thirds of the total construction area, which is set at 16,000 sqm.

Contributed by OPERA | Design Matters

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