Freret St.

Freret St., New Orleans - Louisiana, studioWTA
Construction year: 2017
Address: 5001 + 5007 Freret St. New Orleans, LA 70115 | NEW ORLEANS-LOUISIANA | United States
Latitude/Longitude: 29.9353641, -90.1087632

On the recently revitalized stretch of Freret Street in Uptown New Orleans, this pair of new construction commercial buildings, built across one urban corner lot, are designed to maintain a sense of connection with their neighbors while also addressing recently modified flood elevation requirements. A one story building houses several restaurants, while its two-story companion holds a clothing store at the ground floor and a single private residence above. Public porches at both buildings act as an extension of the sidewalk, with perforated metal screen structures visually maintaining the urban edge. Elevated, outdoor restaurant dining on the corner building porch adds even more energy to the bustling corridor, which sees heavy foot, bicycle, and slow-moving vehicular traffic.

Materiality was a vital aspect of these buildings, which seeks to slot themselves into a historic neighborhood while also asserting their modernity. The massing and proportions of the buildings and their openings is picked up from nearby structures, while the playful patterning of the screens relate to the vibrant storefronts of neighboring buildings and becomes a unifying element across the site. At night, the screens glow like lanterns on the street.

Parking for the project is located behind the buildings, concealed from the view of the primary street. The separation between the two structures serves as the exit driveway, while entry is from a side street. In pursuit of compliance with newly adopted city regulations regarding on-site storm water management, the parking lot is a permeable paving system which allows water to slowly seep into the ground, rather than run in sheets to city storm drains.

Collaborators: Wayne Troyer, Alyce Deshotels, Daniel Kautz, Joseph Peraino, Julie Babin, Ross Karsen

Contributed by studioWTA

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