Frøsilos, Copenhagen, Denmark, MVRDV
Address: Islands Brygge 32 | COPENHAGEN | Denmark
Latitude/Longitude: 55.6607, 12.5691

“Unusual yet obvious” is the best way to describe MVRDV s conversion of two-grain silos on the harbour front of Copenhagen into high-end housing for the fortunate few. The brief suggested filling up the circular silo spaces with apartment floors. MVRDV chose to go the other way about the task and hang the apartments on the outside of the silo walls as a second skin of glass, creating very light and almost outdoor living spaces. The silo interiors remain as an industrial version of the atrium, roofed with translucent plastic. A prime motivation for this inside-out solution was the relative fragility of the old silo walls. MVRDV regarded the structural weakness of the concrete tubes as a serious limitation because it made it difficult to cut large holes in the walls for windows, without endangering the structural integrity. The 84 apartments now range from around 90 to 200 square metres and the balconies add roughly one third to that as outdoor living space.

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