Fusionopolis One

Fusionopolis One, Singapore, Kisho Kurokawa
Construction year: 2008
Address: 1 Fusionopolis Pl | SINGAPORE | Singapore
Latitude/Longitude: 1.29888, 103.78765

Fusionopolis is a research and development complex located at the one-north business park in Singapore. It houses various research organizations, high-tech companies, government agencies, retail outlets, and serviced apartments in one location.

The Fusionopolis Phase 1 development consists of three towers (Connexis South, Connexis North and Symbiosis), with a gross floor area totalling 120,000 m². Fusionopolis Phase 1 was designed by the late renowned Japanese architect Dr Kisho Kurokawa.

Fusionopolis Phase 1 is the first integrated work-live-play-learn development in one-north. In addition to work spaces, JTC has incorporated serviced apartments, F&B retail outlets, a fitness club, a technology showcase, an experimental theatre called Genexis and media studios into the development.

The official opening of Fusionopolis Phase I took place on 17 October 2008, with the prime minister of Singapore, Lee Hsien Loong as guest of honor, under tight security measures.

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