Geriatric Centre Donaustadt

Geriatric Centre Donaustadt, Vienna - Austria, Delugan Meissl Associated Architects
Construction year: 2015
Address: Langobardenstraße 122 | VIENNA | Austria
Latitude/Longitude: 48.21861, 16.46677

The concept for the Geriatric Centre Donaustadt, residential care home, is based on an extensive program of the City of Vienna to react timely and functio­nally to current demographic condi­tions by establishing adequate public healthcare institutions. Not a medical institution in the conventional sense is provided in the northern side of the city, but housing for users who due to their age or illness are facing special spatial requirements. The guiding idea for the extension of the residential care home Donaustadt encloses a re-organisation of urbanistic conditions, which increases the use and quality of the surrounding public spaces.

The solid and clear outer aspect finds its continuation in the interior of the building through the constant applica­tion of characteristic materials. Mani­fold situations with a certain urban quality are provided for in the interior of the building. These public spaces enable the inhabitants of the house to participate actively or passively in the community life. In combination with the specific furnishings, the use of these spaces can be individually adapted, the inhabitants have the choice, whether and in which form they want to engage with the other residents. Circumferential loggias offer a direct contact with the outside world. The two inner courtyards with mobile art installations bring forth an additi­onal visual stimulus.

The layering of partly mobile wood, glass and textile elements forming surrounding loggia ranges at the façades was established in favour of a highly cost optimised energy balance. The individual use of these spaces leads to a visible change of the façade and imparts a lively aspect to the shaped form. Variable free spaces consisting of terraces, different garden zones with outdoor furnishing and paths, follow the architectural concept of engaging the users. An easily accessible central service centre was created with consideration of the surrounding public circulation. With this approach to designing hospitals, this project demonstrates a positive link between the privacy of the eve­ryday living within a geriatric centre and the surrounding city life outside.

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