Golf Clubhouse in Guitiriz

Golf Clubhouse in Guitiriz, Lugo, Spain, Díaz y Díaz Arquitectos
Construction year: 2002
Address: Club de Golf Balneario de Guitiriz, Ctra. del Balneario s/n, Guitiriz | LUGO | Spain | Visit Website
Latitude/Longitude: 43.173887, -7.882143

This plan for two floors of a Golf Clubhouse is based on the functionality of the materials present in the environment. The ground floor houses the double height recreational area created using granite slabs and cedarwood finishes, except for the ceiling, which has a structural frame composed of different woods, providing the rooms with different characters.

There is an enclosed, parallelepiped volume in a central position, whose interior provides enough space to accommodate toilets, kitchens and café bar with a lounge on the top floor.

The rest of the rooms are on the top floor, arranged according to functionality with a combination of woods. The floor is pale wood to bring light to space, and the ceiling is dark wood to create a cozy feeling.

There is an element that is worth a special mention: the frame of reinforced braced chestnut beams for extra lightness. A new element was also introduced: glass on the railings, which helps to dematerialize and blur the outline. Inside, other solutions were used to achieve a homely décor designed from a perspective that places importance on contrasts, without reducing the functionality of the features.

The furniture was given definite prominence, as it provides contrast to the different spaces: the dark wenge wood chairs provide contrast with the bone coloured upholstery of sofas and armchairs.

Great importance was also placed on lighting and different types were chosen according to location. Wall lights were installed to emphasize the contours of the building, and roof lights were installed in the double-height rooms that help to unify the space. On the top floor, there are table lamps that help to customize and differentiate the different environments with the help of halogen refraction light against the ceiling.

The goal of this project was to provide the Guitiriz golf club with a welcoming aspect that will entice its occupants to enjoy more of the hotel spa complex. For this reason, the interior design project sought to characterize the spaces according to their function, in keeping with the intended cozy atmosphere. Using the same materials and the same type of furniture as the hotel provides the interior of the clubhouse with the same environmental characteristics.

For a contemporary design with a warm and relaxed atmosphere, fine materials were selected, with stone and wood as the protagonists. Making use of the noonday sun and the sunlight from the façades, the careful design of the details, with a combination of steel and glass, provide the club with its distinctive interior light.

Area: 1600 m²
Client: Balminesa
Surveyor: Carmelo Freiro Beiro
Constructor: C&C – Grupo San José

Contributed by Díaz y Díaz Arquitectos

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