GP Practice

GP Practice, Tongeren, Belgium, LENS°ASS Architects
Construction year: 2011
Address: Voorstraat 1, 3700 Diets Heur | TONGEREN | Belgium
Latitude/Longitude: 50.750536, 5.488518

The client of GP Practice wanted a consultancy space at home. The farmhouse itself is a typical courtyard farm. In order to protect privacy, and also to avoid creating a door in the rather blank outer walls, we opted for a brick gate, behind which a contemporary framework was constructed internally.

The actual practice is a glass box, which is detached and separate from the barn. The barn, the old walls, earthen floor, clay work, and glass roof tiles form an extraordinary setting for a practice that wants to distinguish itself. From the outside, the practice is indicated by a subtly inwrought red cross – no more, no less.

Contributed by LENS°ASS Architects

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