Hengeler Mueller Library

Construction year: 2007
Address: Jungiusstrasse 6 | HAMBURG | Germany
Latitude/Longitude: 53.56, 9.98407

The Hengeler Mueller Library of Bucerius Law School was founded in September 2000 and it bears the name of its sponsor; Hengeler Mueller, a renowned law firm with offices in Düsseldorf, Frankfurt am Main, Berlin, Brussels and London.


The new library building of Bucerius Law School is in continuation of the old stock at the corner of Jungiusstraße / Marseiller Straße and gives the park behind it an urban edge. The architects understood their design as a symbolic continuation of at this location, which also includes the historical review by Bernhard Greenhouse Hermkes from 1963. In the upper storeys of the new building, there is a library for the 650 students of the college. The use of coloured glass panels on the façade was inspired by books on the back of a shelf. On the ground floor, a lecture hall with hundreds of seats and a new cafeteria are located.


The library

The library is the source for legal information in printed and electronic form. It also offers library support services. In a balanced combination with the 16 libraries located at the professorial chairs, its use is restricted to our students, research assistants and professors. The library is open around the clock in order to ensure our academic staff full access.

With 560 workstations the library is an excellent learning location for its customers. The library collection exceeds 80,000 volumes. There are 2,355 legal journals, in printed and electronic form, available for use. Well-known legal data bases such as “Beck-Online,” “LexisNexis,” “Westlaw International” and “HeinOnline” are licensed for campus-wide use. Cooperation agreements with the main law library at the University of Hamburg and the library at the “Max Planck Institute for Comparative and International Private Law” complement the collection.

The library team is responsible for developing the collections of the main library and chair libraries and provides the different user groups with library support services (document delivery from other libraries, reference assistance, individual training in the use of the data bases).

The library staff trains library apprentices and provides internships opportunities. More detailed information in German can be found at “Stellenangebote.”

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