Hotel Spa in Guitiriz

Hotel Spa in Guitiriz, Lugo, Spain, Díaz y Díaz Arquitectos
Construction year: 2002
Address: Carretera del Balneario s/n 27300 Guitiríz | LUGO | Spain
Latitude/Longitude: 43.17631, -7.88179

The Guitiriz hotel spa has enjoyed a privileged status since the early 20th century. The 427,870 m2 estate has a river that contributes to the creation of small lakes and dams, as well as several natural springs, and, above all, it endows the landscape with a unique quality. The main feature is, therefore, the water of San Xoan de Lagostelle in Guitiriz. The hotel complex presents a powerful image of more than 130 m in length, parallel to the north to the south river, and offers the traveler a choice of ways of getting there.

Walking: on the left, there is an attractive arboured walkway leading to the east façade, the former main entrance. By car: on the right, alongside the river and golf course that leads to its west façade, formerly the rear of the building, which has now been converted into the main entrance. The hotel spa maintains the same volume, completed by the restoration of the façades to adjust its composition. The traditional image was restored using traditional lime mortar rendering painted white, wooden frames and by recovering all the granite features around the windows and doors and lintels. The ground floor was allocated to the communal areas and the upper floors to the bedrooms.

The two main stair hubs were left open throughout, in sharp and attractive contrast with the horizontal alignment of the extremely long corridors. Loft suites were created under the roof. The basement contains utility rooms, service areas, and general toilets. The plan proposed a contemporary design of warm and relaxed environments with a selection of luxury materials and natural wood and stone as the main features.

The marble and slate were selected for the interior finishes use the same criteria, as well as Guitiriz’ local granite (grey Parga) for the high-traffic areas on the ground floor. Carefully designed details, the combination of stainless steel and glass and taking advantage of the sunlight enjoyed by the façades at different times of the day give the hotel spa its unique interior illumination.

Seeking respectful integration into the environment, characterized by the existence of woodland with high ecological and landscape value and by the presence of the hotel building, with its unquestionable architectural value, the new spa building was built between the two with the intention of blessing Guitiriz with two contemporary thermal spas. The building was adapted to the topography with a set of terraces, recesses, and courtyards, creating a favorable perspective thanks to its integration into the countryside as well as its relationship with the existing building. A glazed walkway joins the first floor of the spa with the first floor of the hotel, expressing the fusion of old and new.

The San Juan chapel is a single floor cross-shaped building located on the axis of the hotel entrance. It is the most symbolic building on the entire complex; it surrounds the source of the spring and it is the buvette of the spa. The action criterion was complete restoration.

Promoter: Balmimesa.
Construction Company: ACS Proyectos y Obras, S.A.
Construction Management: Gustavo Díaz García, Architect. Lucas Díaz Sierra, Architect. José Luis Pardo Pérez, Architect Technical. Germán Linares Castro, Architect Technical. Carmelo Freire Beiro, Engineer Technical.
Health and Safety Coordination: Germán Linares Castro, Architect Technical.
Collaborators in the Project: Sandra Dopazo Costoya, Architect. María Morán Castillo, Architect. Manuel Pérez Valeiras, Architect. Martín Gómez Parra, Draftsman.
Technical Assistance to Structures: IBINCO Ibérica de Ingeniería y Control S.L.
Technical Assistance to Installations: Obradoiro Enxeñeiros S.L.
Construction Company Technicians: Alejandro Canga Botteghelz, Delegado.Marcelino Currás Valle, Architect Technical. Jose Antonio Fernández Fernández, Architect Technical. Antonio Fernández Gómez, Architect Technical.
Quality Control: Norcontrol

Contributed by Díaz y Díaz Arquitectos

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