Hotel Tulip Inn

Hotel Tulip Inn, Kolkata, India, Abin Design Studio
Construction year: 2012
Address: 56 Park Street | KOLKATA | India
Latitude/Longitude: 22.5418715, 88.3639509

Set in a dense urban fabric at a prime location of park circus mallick bazaar crossing, this 48 room Hotel Tulip Inn needed a lot of study and analysis of the surroundings and an understanding of the relation of the building with it. The plot is flanked by chaotic city scene with round the clock hustle and bustle. The scope of the work being facade upliftment and interior planning, given the opportunity to play with the skin of the building in relation to the interior spaces. To propose a solution contextual to the surrounding yet making the interior spaces warm and serene, the chaotic exterior had to be visually barred.  So a wrap was designed around the building.

This area is heavily populated by Muslim inhabitants resulted in choosing Islamic latticeworks to be used as modular screens for the wrap.  Islamic latticeworks have been modernized into modular aluminum screen walls, giving the building a language through which the exterior and the interior could be addressed. The semi-perforated screen wall not only acts as a visual barrier for the rooms but also results in the array of dynamic light patterns in the rooms. It further acts as a self-shading device for the building, hence decreasing direct solar insulation and reducing interior heat load.

Contributed by ADS-Abin Design Studio

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