House in La Encantada

House in La Encantada, Peru, Lima, Javier Artadi
Construction year: 2010
Address: Alameda Del Corregidor | LIMA | Peru
Latitude/Longitude: -12.21227, -77.00492

La Encantada is a suburb of Lima, located next to the sea. The project consists of a permanent single family home located in a fenced compound, 656 feet from the seashore.

Owing to its suburban character, the design of the house arises from the objective of finding the best relationship between the constructed volume and the interior garden of the property.

A two-storey compact volume was devised containing a full program (social area, private area, washrooms, etc.), which is intersected by a plane with several angles.

These architectural angles seek to connect the front garden of the house within the interior of the house in a two-way spatial path, both on the horizontal and vertical plane.

Thus, the simplicity of the main volume is altered but also enriched, by a spatiality that liberates and connects it with the surrounding green area.

Gross Square Footage: 3115.6ft² / 289.45 m2
Project Assistant: Arq. Hector Loli Rizo Patron
Engineer(s): Arnaldo Chávez Martin (Structural), Edmundo Chavez Castro (Electrical), Angel Dall´Orto Pestana (Plumbering)

Contributed by Artadi Arquitectos

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