Icone House

Icone House, Paris - France, PÉRIPHÉRIQUES arquitectes
Construction year: 2002
Address: 60 Rue de Rosny, Montreuil, Seine Saint-Denis | PARIS | France
Latitude/Longitude: 48.86263, 2.44820

Icone House contains a contemporary version of the ‘icon’ individual dwelling, i.e. it is devoid of preconceived ideas. It may have the archetypal four walls and sloping roof which are so widely deemed as essential requisites, but the overall image has been recast.

The facades of Icone House have been run into one another, transforming the house into a mysterious monolith stripped of all traditional add-ons (guttering, chimney stacks, overhangs and planted balconies). The Icone House can, however, be clad in all sorts of contemporary industrial materials such as wooden panels, polycarbonate, grating and so forth. It is the latter material that was agreed on by clients in a town near Paris; the grating will be woven with climbing greenery to camouflage the dwelling and enable it to blend with the site.

So, two years after the catalogue “36 Propositions for a Home”, one of the affordable housing schemes will finally be seeing the light of day.

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