Illa de la Llum

Address: Passeig de Garcia Fària 73 | BARCELONA | Spain
Latitude/Longitude: 41.4044, 2.21499

The building of the Illa Llum, located in Barcelona, is a project that proposes a set of homes located on the corner of Avenida Faria to Selva de Mar, in the operation Diagonal Mar.

It is an ambitious project to expand the city to the sea, one of its most prized assets, in addition to trying to give the buildings and services which calls for a city the size of Barcelona and were hardly situables in existing urban plans.

The proposed waiver clearly obsessed by the composer as slim towers maximum advantage occupation plan to encourage versatility. The excess building that would result if the three towers were the same, is reduced and adjusted by means of intentional excavations in areas without a sea view or in the proximity of the towers.

One of the key elements in these homes are sliding aluminum shutters, in a generous space between the inside and outside. These blinds also took a role in the image of the building itself offers abroad. Being sliding shutters and steerable lamas enjoy these consumers never occupy the same provision in front making the image of the building will never be the same. The slats steerable achieve that through a game of shadows blind each module appears to have different shades of night while the filtered light that emerges from homes abroad.

The towers are confident their efforts horizontal resistance against the central core of reinforced concrete block that contains the elevators and stairs. Around this core there is a perimeter of steel pillars that are in turn distributed the corridors of the building. A second perimeter pillars placed nearly 9 meters of the first marking the boundary inside the houses. From here the journey continues forged cantilever over 3 meters to create the terraces.

The thickness of the cast in the section of the cantilever is declining as we get closer to the front to reduce weight and better withstand the loads without deformation. The negative moments generated by this work to help overhang Reticular forged between pillars with 9 meters making light of the tensions that are generated in the light equivalent to 6 meters. This is one of Reticular forged coffered not recoverable.

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