Immeubles de Logements Évry

Immeubles de Logements Évry, France, Beckmann N’thepe
Construction year: 2012
Address: Boulevard François Mitterrand, Évry | PARIS | France
Latitude/Longitude: 48.624352, 2.425772

This project is part of the scheme to reconsider urban identity in the Centre Urbain, the new neighborhood that is the emblem of the future Évry. Rows, set back buildings, an interplay of terraces, and “urban windows” create an openness towards the heart of the small island.

The heart of the development is a landscaped private garden that unifies the architecture. Designed to be in dialogue with the two other buildings on the lot, the project is resolutely contemporary in its response. The facades of the three buildings form a graphic composition that is unified and generous. A style affirms itself: inertia. The rhythms of the austere openings create a graphic interplay outlined in colour.

The apartment interiors respond to specific compositions, both near and far, drawing the eye towards the landscaping and the emblems of the town, particularly Evry Cathedral. Refusing to be constrained by stylistic archetypes, the buildings embody a new urbanism, environmentally and socially friendly, a quest for quality in response to new ways of living.

Contributed by Beckmann N’thepe Architectes

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