Jægersborg Water Tower

Jægersborg Water tower, Denmark, Dorte Mandrup Arkitekter
Construction year: 2006
Address: Ørnegårdsvej 21, 2820 Gentofte | COPENHAGEN | Denmark
Latitude/Longitude: 55.76098, 12.52140

Dorte Mandrup Arkitekter ApS won in 2004 the competition to convert Jægersborg Water Tower into a mixed- use building. On the upper floors, student housing units mark the perimeter of the existing structure. Each unit is expressed by a protruding crystal-like add-on that brings daylight into the apartment, and offers unobstructed views to the surrounding landscape. Together, the crystals and the communal balconies add both a human scale, and a new sculptural layer, that emphasizes the landmark character of the tower.

The lower floors are inhabited by a youth center, and contain several large multipurpose rooms. A combination of tall windows and colored panels create a varied pattern that surrounds the youth center. Large garage-style doors on the ground floor open up to extend the active indoor space into the outdoor playground.

Client: Gentofte Municipality and Domea
Landscape: Marianne Levinsen Landscape
Consultants: Acoustic consulting: BC Lyd
Engineer: Hansen, Carlsen & Frølund A/S
Consultancy type: Turnkey
Contractor: E. Pihl & Søn A/S
Site area: 5370 m2
Construction area / footprint: 310 m2
Extent / total floor area: 2.880 m2

Contributed by Dorte Mandrup Architects

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