Kofunaki House

Kofunaki House, Kyoto - Japan, ALTS DESIGN OFFICE
Construction year: 2012
Address: Shinoharacho 721-15 | ŌMIHACHIMAN | Japan
Latitude/Longitude: 35.12787, 136.08191

Original people from ancient times was loved and it has lived with nature. Especially the Japanese always enjoy change of the four seasons for every season and came as a part of life. People live with nature. Sometimes it may live inconveniently and it may not sometimes work that it takes time and effort.

However, a natural light and comfortable wind and many plants give us the value beyond it. It grows up to be healing at affluence and a smiling face and strong emotional attachment . We were grounds called this eco-village gazed at living with nature and recreated to the housing. We decided that this theme of ours lives woods in woods in a home. ( woods .. saying [ that we live in woods ] )

A home is divided inside and outside completely and is not considered but inside and outside are connected more gently and people are beginning to make the space which can always feel woods feel nature and enjoy the season which moves and passes away. It could live brilliantly by the ability to soften a family’s heart and could grow up a family with woods. The proposal of a rich new life which people enjoy space and enjoys a life. It is place in woods.


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