Kusatsu House

Kusatsu House, Otsu - Japan, ALTS Design Office
Construction year: 2013
Address: 〒525-0031 Shiga-ken, Kusatsu-shi, Wakatakechō, 6 | ŌTSU | Japan
Latitude/Longitude: 35.023298, 135.968782

We prepared this project for “Hatazaochi”, that means a lot whose figure is just like flag and the pole. This lot is surrounded by a condominium building and houses. There is a parking lot of a condominium building on the south side of the lot. But a house with a southern exposure is not good because the client wants to secure the privacy.

Therefore, we arranged the exclusive path extended in the inside of the house. We gave importance to design the outside space in inside space and produced diverse and interesting space.

This house built toward the alley, so the client can secure the privacy and the rooms are with natural light. Moreover, the alley blurred the boundaries between inside and outside, so the atmosphere of inside is interesting. We didn’t separate into inside and outside of house simply, and designed the outside space in inside space. By doing so, we brought a feeling of strangeness in a good sense.

The lot area: 157.95m2
Floor space: 70.13m2
1floor area: 70.13m2
2floor area: 46.37m2
The total floor area: 116.50m2

Contributed by ALTS Design Office

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