La Antena

La Antena, Mexico City - Mexico, Hierve
Address: Iztapalapa | MEXICO CITY | Mexico
Latitude/Longitude: 19.364, -99.03

The project is a residential development consisting of 100 departments of social housing. The development includes 10 apartment towers, 5 levels each, where each tower has 10 apartments of 72 m2.

The buildings were grouped so that each and every one of the departments were opened to the south and will close as possible to the north, generating not only adequate guidance, but also an ingredient for optimal privacy.

The building structure is determined through a system of perimeter load-bearing walls to release the inner space. This allows the interior walls are made of a material such as drywall, eventually allowing the internal distribution can be modified in line with the changing needs of each family.

We sought to have 3 different apartment layouts, which vary according to the layout of internal flown patio. All apartments have 3 bedrooms, kitchen, bathroom and “tripartite” which is broken into 3 subspaces (wc, shower and toilet), to be used by three people at once so personal and private.

In order to eliminate the character of “repetition” that normally accompanies such projects, was intended to mark a spirit of “customization” for each department, creating a 4 “skins” structural, where each is equivalent to a type of precast concrete block different, designed specifically for the project and provide a final finish from the time of placement, eliminating all types of maintenance. Thus each of the “skins” is positioned at random in each department, creating a residential end rich in diversity and material expression.

Built area: 7,620.00 m2
Client: Lomas de Moctezuma AC

Contributed by Hierve

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