La Cave du Vin 9

La Cave du Vin 9, Paris, France, Cyrille Druart
Construction year: 2011
Address: 29 rue du Pont-Neuf | PARIS | France
Latitude/Longitude: 48.86093, 2.34462

“We have strived to clean off the dusty image associated with a wine bar. Instead, we aimed to turn it into an intimate, bright, colourful space – firmly anchored in modernity.”

Cyrille DRUART

Located in the very heart of Paris, in the ever-changing district of Les Halles, La Cave du Vin 9 offers a new vision of wine bars – high-end yet within reach. We endeavoured to create a new kind of place, breaking away from conventions and all that is already known, rethinking its space to match the way people enjoy food and drinks today.

Despite being a relative small area, it is packed with technology: all lights are using LED, and most of the furniture is backlit and made of Corian.

Materials used are raw and reflect the natural yet refined, inherent qualities of wine itself: polished concrete, stainless steel, natural stone, mirror and glass.

One of this project’s innovative aspects is that the bar’s structure is made of UV-fused glass, raised by a backlit Corian top. This element, as well as the large abstract mural displaying spilled wine, sends a strong signal that is visible from the street.

The whole unit provides an overall image of fluctuating bright white and silver colours.

Contributed by Cyrille Druart Studio

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