Melanchthon College Rotterdam

Construction year: 2011
Address: Spaanseweg 101 | ROTTERDAM | Netherlands | Visit Website
Latitude/Longitude: 51.9177305, 4.427031

The Melanchthon College Rotterdam at Spaanseweg provides pre-vocational secondary (VMBO) courses in Technology and Technical Services. In addition, there are plenty of sports facilities. The existing building was not sufficiently in keeping with the contemporary educational vision. For this reason, we designed a newbuild in which theory and practice are more aligned.

The original building’s characteristic technology hall was preserved and integrated into the new building. The unique assembly hall was dispensed with and will serve as a new office for our own firm following the renovation.We translated the school’s educational philosophy into a functional and inspiring learning environment with a recognisable identity, by dividing the building clearly into educational areas. These consist of two zones: an open square for practice and a more closed zone for theory. In the open squares, students work in a small-scaled environment, which is geared to practice and where good supervision is possible. The open character inspires students to investigate other disciplines. “Blobs” clothed with a fan of various materials have been placed in the open area and they give the different departments their own identity. The rear square, with a monumental plane tree, is bounded by water and provides a socially safe outdoor space.The new school wants to be part of the neighbourhood.

The design of the facades emphasises this relationship by making the education visible from outside, whilst the relationship with the real world can be felt from the inside. The practice restaurant is right at the entrance to the school. Local residents and visitors are welcome to eat what the students have prepared in the practical classes. Theory and practice, school and neighbourhood, are brought closely together in this way. The three connected sports halls can also be accessed separately so that they can be used outside school hours as a community facility.

Area: 7580 m2

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