Minakuchi House

Minakuchi House, Koka - Japan, ALTS DESIGN OFFICE
Construction year: 2013
Address: Minakuchichosakodo 460 | KŌKA | Japan
Latitude/Longitude: 34.97507, 136.13621

The plan projects that thought that taking advantage of the texture of the thing itself, and that put out or how to create a space to be able to have the attachment in the future. This site is facing the rural scene scenic, but it is also the land closed surrounded by a peripheral wall. Where it is allowed to place a major feature on the second floor, we thought the configuration space that can be enjoy the scenery on the second floor in a relaxed manner. By using a configuration simple as a space, by which performs production utilizing the texture of each that you want to use, and partitioning the space in the furniture and fittings of the original antique, it has created a space rich and diverse. The appearance and design with a strong presence is located dignified toward the rural scene, it is expected that this symbolism is to blend rural scene future.


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