Miura Hotel

Miura Hotel, Celadná - Czech Republic, Labor 13
Construction year: 2011
Address: Čeladná 887, 739 12 | ČELADNÁ | Czech Republic | Visit Website
Latitude/Longitude: 49.5354, 18.3272

The construction of the Miura Hotel is not only about the building; it is a sophisticated connection of architecture, design, graphic and art. It coexists here together and creates a complex with a clear concept and expression. Style of the hotel seems a little bit controversial. It is not a suggestive building that everybody likes. With its distinctive shapes follow the panorama of surrounding hills and creates a clear dominant aesthetics.

The hotel´s building is located on a flat plain surrounded by hills of Beskydy Mountains and the lot fits directly to the famous Golf Course and became a part of the Course. In the neighborhood of the hotel there are few houses without any uniform architectural style. We decided to use original concept in this area. New designed building purposely breaks local scale and works as a new view point of the country.

From the beginning the hotel seems as a spaceship from another world. Actually this new element perfectly fits into the country. The idea of the concept is more developed also in the sculptures (cubeople), art and graphics. This unique world gives you a space for your imagination. You can find here unexpected elements and it´s only up to you if you can find here your own story. There are masterpieces from the best Czech and international artists (Andy Warhol, David erný, Henry Moore Tony Cragg, John Armleder, Damien Hirst, Luca Pancrazzi, Petr Pastrák).

The shape of the building reflects the subject. In the geometric center there is a functional center of the hotel – main entrance, lobby and a restaurant. These spaces are smoothly connected by concrete ramp and are opened to exterior by huge glass sheets. Location of the restaurant in the 2nd floor and glass walls offer panoramic views on the surrounding hills. To the west and east from the central part of the building there are hotel´s wing parts. All rooms are opened to the south with the main view on the Golf Course. In the basement of the hotel there are located conference rooms and spa/wellness. Spa complex is naturally illuminated by glass wall. You can enjoy breathtaking views from outside terrace or directly from the whirlpool, but there is still keeped the privacy of the spa. Dynamic castellated shape of the hotel is designed not to create a barrier in the country. This idea was supported by lifting the part of the hotel on piles so there is a view throughout the hotel and the design is more relieved.

South part of the object has the unique expression with random vertical windows of the rooms. Some of the windows have loggia with sharp color. North facade of the hotel is structured with various large windows which do not follow the floors order. Color scheme is minimalistic – shades of grey, black and white with the contrast of fuchsia/magenta, which works as contrast color to neutral shade.

There are used mostly natural materials – concrete, glass, stone, plate iron. Facade of the hotel is furred by colored cembonit sheets.

Contributed by Labor 13

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