Mont-Blanc Base Camp

Mont-Blanc Base Camp, Albertville - France, Kengo Kuma and Associates
Construction year: 2016
Address: 336 Route du Nant Jorland, Les Houches | LES HOUCHES | France | Visit Website
Latitude/Longitude: 45.89132, 6.79030

The project was to design a headquarters building for Blue Ice, a company specialized in products for outdoor sports of various kinds, which includes base jumping. The site looks up the peak of Mont-Blanc.

In order for the architecture and its surrounding forests to dissolve in the environment, the façade of the building is almost like the trees in the wood, as it consists of thick, unskinned panels of oak. The roof is also composed of the unskinned planks.

The roof is designed wide and grand so that it goes in harmony with the inclination of the land. In its underneath, a one-room space extends lit by natural forestall light from the top. The working space of the office is placed like a terrace in this woody space.

Contributed by Kengo Kuma and Associates

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