Montjuïc Telecommunications Tower

Address: Montjuïc | BARCELONA | Spain
Latitude/Longitude: 41.3642, 2.15056

Calatrava’s beautiful and original communications tower was built for Telefónica in the heart of the 1992 Olympic site, to carry coverage of the Games. Aside from its distinctive structural form, the tower is innovative in enclosing the circular platform of microwave dishes, replacing the normal clutter with a serene white arc. As a result the 130 meter structure becomes a welcome feature in the Olympic park.

Imagery abounds. The overall form of the tower is based on a Calatrava sketch of a kneeling figure making an offering. The base on which the figure ‘kneels’ is covered in broken glazed tiles in recognition of Gaudi (though with more restrained colors). The orientation of the tower means that the shadow of the central needle on the circular platform acts as a (rather impractical) sundial.

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