Museum of Glass

Museum of Glass, Tacoma-Washington - United States, Arthur Erickson, Nick Milkovich Architects
Construction year: 1996
Address: 1801 Dock Street | TACOMA-WASHINGTON | United States | Visit Website
Latitude/Longitude: 47.24540, -122.43371

The Museum of Glass is a museum of the 21st Century- an experiential museum- dynamic, spontaneous and evolving. The vision statement for the museum is “we visualize a center that pulses with life, light and fire. It is a place of discovery, surprise, collaboration and joy that transforms the visitor as profoundly as fire transforms glass.” It is a museum where creativity is celebrated and is visible for the public to watch, learn and participate in.

The museum is approximately 75,000 square feet. It contains glass workshops and an artist studio, exhibition spaces, permanent collection display area, a retail area for the sale of handmade glass art and books, food services area, library, theater and classrooms. The mandate of the Museum of Glass is to recognize the importance and excellence of glass art as a major international art form and to provide a forum for the open and free discussion of artistic creativity.

The programs have been designed to give the broadest experience possible to people of all ages and levels of knowledge. The heart of the Museum is the Workshop Amphitheater where, through the roar and heat of the furnaces, the public watch the dynamic process of glass art creation unfold.

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