Museum of Memory and Tolerance

Museum of Memory and Tolerance, Mexico City - Mexico, Arditti + RDT Architects
Address: Centro Historico, Ciudad de Mexico | MEXICO CITY | Mexico
Latitude/Longitude: 19.4338, -99.1445

The Museum of Memory and Tolerance that located in Mexico City, Mexico, was designed by Arditti RDT Arquitectos and has been constructed using a mixture of reinforced concrete and steel in a seven-level structure (three of permanent exhibition space and four temporary). It is set on a continuous colonnade of the Plaza Juarez complex, designed by Legorreta   Legorreta Architects on the site of the former Hotel Alameda (which fell during the 1985 earthquake).

This Memorial has two interrelated intentions: remembering approximately two million children who have been exterminated in genocides and educating our children to foster future coexistence among all people. On the interior atrium, the different functions of the building are read as independent volumes. The Museum’s Permanent Exhibits (Memory and Tolerance) are held behind the exposed concrete ‘L’ shaped mass. A wooden box holds the Auditorium, which cantilevers over a ramp that leads towards a sunken Children’s Educational Area. At the same time, its top serves as a base to host the Temporary Exhibition Hall, which attracts visitors through a recessed transparent enclosure.

The Administrative Space is held behind a dark granite element, separated from the upper main exhibition area by a glazed gap that integrates an Educational Center linked by a transparent ramped corridor to a Public Library within the colonnade overlooking the Juarez Plaza.

Client: Fundación Memoria y Tolerancia A.C.
Project Area: 7,500 sqm

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