Nanterre Apartment Blocks

Nanterre Apartment Blocks, Paris, France, X-TU
Construction year: 2012
Address: Allée de Gascogne, Nanterre | PARIS | France
Latitude/Longitude: 48.898500, 2.217167

Nanterre Apartment Blocks: Inserting volumes in the site: build a landscape.
The architectural takes suggestions specifications and urban landscaping and wishes of a vertical fragmentation increased, and a breakdown in “skyline” of volumes. Thus we find:

– On the south side, a vertical fragmentation at the scale of urban terraces, which includes major flaws 6 to 10m requested. This vertical fragmentation reflected naturally in northern façade by real faults which let the light went on French provinces.

– Along the latter, re-cut volumes are processed in two levels of heights: a foreground low across a neighborhood street and a higher background across the avenue terraces.

– The volumes are intersected vertically by faulting planted. These ‘traits cuts, the organization structure of the plan and provide transparency between the terraces and promenade French Provinces.

– The volume is connected at the bottom to unify the whole vertical and sit this landscape.

– These are accented by vertical contrast material between the south facade and interior flaws. Indeed, the south facade receives over-continuous glass facade
forming emissions in winter and natural ventilation in summer.

– On the spot, the volume turns stained concrete with a frontal balanced across the site.

– The colored shapes cut in hollow volumes including

– The assembly of volumes, vertical, horizontal and transverse shape the landscape, more or less fragmented, consistent in its diversity.
All seems carved, sculpted in a common material.

– It draws a city skyline cut freely in the sky each volume grows in height according to their needs: it is a system born of the multiplication and the inclusion of individuals …

The radicality of the south facade responds to the imposing presence of the work of André Wogenscky prefecture.

Architect In Charge: Nicolas Desmazières, Anouk Legendre
Project Leader: Nicolas Jomain
Client: Toit & Joie / Logipostel
Cost: 18,2 m-€
Total Floor Area: 16.460 m² / 12 levels
Contractors: cet [engineering] le sommer [ecological]
Materials: prefabricated concrete, curtain wall, green roof

Contributed by X-TU

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